'Not so other worldly specimens'
Every day objects collected in bottles and labeled by someone from another world.


Artworks by Jonny Love & Samuel Jordan
//Other Worldly Specimens
Description on label and actual item are as follows:

Scribble - Tangled black thread
Lung Incapacitator - Cigarette
Finger Armour - Finger nails
Achoo Cloth - Tissue
Bonsai Rocks - Sands
Stretchy hoops - Rubber bands
Lustful metal discs - Magnetic discs
Paper squeezers - Paper clips
Colour destroyer - Bleach
Dangly flying scream catalyst - Daddy long legs
Packing Snow - polystyrene
Eye leak - tears
Fake earth stubble - Astro turf
sneezy snow - pepper
Window skin - curtains
Paper piercings - staples
Wall skin - wall paper
Slightly harder paper - card
Pencil guts - lead
Hairy bulb flesh - coconut
Dehydrating crystals - salt
Stick fire catalyst - Match box striker
Mouth accelerator - chilli pepper flakes
Previously hot wood - coal
Bonsai rock paper - sand paper
phone plate - sim card
morning energy hoops - cheerios
Artificial cloud - cotton
Jumping tubes - springs
floppy tree wafer - Paper
slug home - snail shell
hard sharp air - glass
liquid lifter - straw

hidden ouch sticks - safety pins
music bagel fragments - CD shards
Chicken walls - egg shell
non friendly garden sprinkles - slug pellets
Wall blob - blu-tac
Face fuzz - Beard trimmings
day time orb - bulb
metal skin - foil
carbohydrate capsule - rice
Long time wet colour - oil paint
spare hi-five - doll hand
Hair softener - Conditioner
Golden goo maker - Bee
Energy cannister - Battery
Angry bush finger - Thorny rose stem
Ear poo - ear wax
Human outer skin - shirt
Plug banger - fuse
Electric subway - copper wire
Dog liquid - dog wee
Cloud juice - rain
electric worm - wires
Vacuum vomit - Vacuum cleaner dust
Stretchy snappy worm - elastic
Sticky bee poo - honey
outside crumbs - soil
sticky air - celotape
water absorber
semi hard crinkly air
memory eraser - Absinthe
Tree flakes - tree bark
Blood plug - plaster
Hard and liquid rock - wax

Never go away goo - Super glue
Nose Candy - Cocaine
Breath smog lump - Garlic bulb
Mind confusion juice - Whiskey
Dead fire crumbs - ash
Carbohydrate sticks - dry spaghetti
Stained morning paper - news paper
Teeth snack (alive and dead) - Chewing gum (chewed and unchewed)
Face smearer - Flannel
Sticky box ribbon - Brown packing tape
Ear glass - Diamond earrings
Brain cocaine - Coffee
Paper poker - pencil
Genital ghost costume - Condom
Sticky Pebble - Sugary sweet
Wake up bag - tea bag
Ear poker - Cotton bud
Soft hard colour rocks - playdoh
Tooth acid grains - sugar
Pencil teeth - Pencil nibs
Reading material for purchases - Receipt
Organic Solar panels - leafs
Face smoother - shaver head
Achoo fluid - sneeze goo
Always north arrow - Compass arrow
Flower eggs - seeds
Tree Finger - Twig
Super sweet dots - Sweetner
Sweet rocks - Skittles
Flower tickler - Bumble bee
Open sticks - Keys
Floor moss - Carpet

Pencil skin - pencil shavings
Invisible wire (visible)
Elephant (Escaped)
Non growable sweet beans - Jelly Beans
White sticky edge paper - masking tape
Flying flower hair - Dandelion seeds
Cloth teeth - zip
Crying bulb skin - onion skin
Nut Bras - pistachio shells
Number worm - measuring tape
Tree shards - splintered wood
Field seed dust - flour
String lumps - beads
Shiny blobs - diamonds
Invisible ink
Waxy stick - crayon
Ouch sticks - needles
spiky dots - pins
A single spec of dust
Wood pinchers - screws
Line pincher - peg
Screw sphincters - Nuts
Volatile fire sticks - matches
Human distraction material - bubble wrap
paper puzzle dots - hole punch dots
Long messy line - string
Attitude bug - wasp
Foot hugger - sock material
Slightly finer bonsai rock paper - Finer sand paper
Breath smog lump skin - Garlic skin
Dusty stick - chalk
Beep stripes - bar code
Head smoother - paracetemol

Clothes buds - buttons
Metal eggs - ball bearings
Head snow - dandruff
Human head fuzz - hair
Salty boulders - nuts
Bee Flirter - flower
Mark gonner - Eraser
Sizzle liquid - oil
Sweet bonsai rocks - sugar
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