Artworks by Jonny Love & Samuel Jordan
//The Unconscious Library
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An elaborate paper library containing over 100,000 elements.
Being unconscious is a curious state, especially that which has been brought on by alcohol. The unconscious library is part fantasy, part autobiographical - an interpretation of knowledge, thoughts and memories, almost wiped clean in the state of unconsciousness.

Containing over 100,000 elements meticulously made from paper and interspersed with labels and tags expressing offbeat thoughts and memories. Amongst the chaos sit tiny bottles of real whiskey, rum and other spirits, some full, some half finished.
It is an abstract state of mind, re-imagined into a library. The stark white mass of paraphernalia ignites curiosity to explore and journey through to see what can be found.

Objects residing within include: boxes full of clutter, filing cabinets bursting with files, books, scrolls, rickety ladders, a fish tank complete with fish, an array of plants, a computer, over-flowing sacks and many other hidden gems. Everything vaguely labeled with wicked memories to simple thoughts and awful drunken antics.

Jonny Love comments: "The brain is a fascinating organ and one which we are slowly understanding. Its ability to absorb and accumulate information as well as manipulating too is an amazing thing. If your brain was a library, what would it look like? How big would the library be and what would it contain? Would it be organized or chaotic? Isn't it intriguing that this vast storage, a life's work if you will, is mutable? All the memories and knowledge, still there, just wrung of their essences and now sat, white, like bones waiting for flesh."

Base:134.5 x 41cm Height: 84cm
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