(Chaos 1) Ink and Pencil on Paper (Framed)
46 x 72 Inch. Over 36,000 (estimate) individually coloured segments. Sold.(Chaos 2) Ink and Pencil on Paper (Framed) Sold.Chos (2) - SoldBlue Chaos - 100x100cm - SoldChaos (Shore)Chaos - Split
Chaos Series #

// Whilst a city sleeps, the streets are black and empty. Slowly as the sun rises, a weary population stirs and heads out to fill the empty. The city becomes a mess of noise and activity.

The Chaos series represents a birds eye view of a city and all of its activities. Elaborate, loud, diverse and mesmerizing in its entirety.

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Artworks by Jonny Love & Samuel Jordan
Facebook: LoveJordanArt
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