'Grey Space' -5x5ftDots, Commas and other dotoids (1) - collage on canvas, sealed in resin (152x101cm) - SoldDots, Commas and other dotoids (2) - collage on canvas, sealed in resin (100x100cm) - SoldPixelated Love - 170x134cm - SoldDots, commas and other dotoids on black (100x100cm) - SoldStormy Sea - (152x101cm)Dots, commas and other dotoids 2 (152x101cm) - paper on canvas - SoldRead between the lines - Newspaper Headlines disected through the middle.Sunshine - 100x100cm - SoldPixelated Love - 170x134cm - SoldPixelated Love - 100x100cmDots, commas and other dotoids (3) - collage on canvas - (152x101cm)Scattered White - Collage on Canvas 115x115cmGrey Space -  SOLD.Found dots, commas and other spherical media. Arranged on canvas 5ftx5ft
# Dots, commas and other dotoids series

// On pages and amongst words, dots, commas and spherical look-a-likes are lost and insignificant. Bring them together and they are a crowd of diversity and overwhelming stature.

I think about 'people watching' (a guilty pleasure of mine) whilst created this series. A million sights and sounds passing by, each one discriminatingly labeled 'like' or 'dislike'.


Artworks by Jonny Love & Samuel Jordan
# Collage

// Bringing together fragments of colour and shapes from discarded pages. I feel like a sort of Frankenstein creator.

Once the piece has been assembled, it is coated in a layer of resin to give it an ever lasting shine.

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