Artworks by Jonny Love & Samuel Jordan
'Ignore Yellow' - Mixed media on canvas (Oil, acrylic, emusion, watercolour, other materials)
120x181cm.Vegas Raindrops, acrylic on canvas (152x101cm) - Sold.Lady in Red - Acrylic on canvas, 76x102cmBoy in rain, oil on canvas (152x101cm) - Sold.Looking through bubble glass, acrylic on canvas (152x101cm)Cerebral blur, acrylic on canvas (137x198cm) - Sold.Rain in vegas, acrylic on canvas (152x101cm) - SoldSynesthesia 1: Acrylic on canvas 152 x 183cmAura, oil on canvas (152x101cm) - SoldPastel Drops (152x101cm) - Sold435 revolutions - ink on canvas - 100x100cm - SoldDots - oil on canvas - 1.5x1.5mUntitled - oil on canvas (100x100cm) - SoldAscension - oil on canvas (152x101cm) - SoldPolaroid Safari 1 - acrylic on canvas - 8x5ftVegas raindrops acrylic on canvas, resined (152x101cm)Kiss Chase - 150x150cm. SOLD.Velvet Stream - 152x101cmWhere the wild roses grow - Acrylic and resin (100x100cm)Geo - oil and resin on canvas - 100x100cmStranger in the rain - Acrylic on canvas -  152x101cmPolaroid Safari 1 - acrylic on canvas - 8x5ftSingle dot. - Oil and acrylic on canvas, 5ftx5ft'9,999 Strokes' - Acrylic on canvas 201x109cm'Propulsion' Oil and acrylic on canvas 162x89.5cm'Grey Space' -  5x5ft'Polar Ring' - Mixed media and resin on canvas 100x100cm

// We regularly produce a wide range of contemporary canvas' in varied medium and subjects. Interested persons are welcome to visit our studio to view pieces in person.

Facebook: LoveJordanArt
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